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Route 66 - Oklahoma

Miami, OKThe Fifth Day

Today started well. After hitting the road I followed a sign near Miami (pronounced my-am-ah) to Old Route 66. I almost turned around after a short drive because the road was so rough but I soon realized I was driving on a treasure—I had found an original stretch of the road that was 9 feet wide! Apparently the Oklahoman politicians realized they could afford to lay more road if it was narrow.

Last night I attempted to upload the page of the day but it seemed beyond the capability of the motel's phone line. I hope I have better luck tonight.

Metro DinerIn Afton, OK there was lots opportunities to take photos because of the old buildings. I met a woman who, with her husband, is restoring an old gas station. Her portion of the building is pretty well finished and features a Route 66 interpretation centre. The workshop portion is currently being restored and will display her husband's 15 Packards. I bought a couple of really nice key chains there.

I stopped at the Metro Diner in Tulsa for lunch. Although not that old, the atmosphere is authentic 50s and the staff are friendly. I ordered the Metro's Finest which was listed as an egg and bacon sandwich with Swiss cheese and tomato. It turned out that a fried egg, bacon, tomato and cheese were put between two slices of bread and grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich—not that healthy I'm sure, but delicious!

I next visited the Totem Pole Park near Foyil. It's free and well worth the four-mile side trip off 66. They have the world's largest totem pole—but being built of cement (or whatever) I'm not sure it counts.

Route 66 in Oklahoma is quite well looked after. Apparently this is because it is well travelled as the Interstate is a toll road. As the road is the oldest road around it does not always take you through the best part of town and in some places you just hope you don't break down.

Foyil, OKI saw my first armadillo today. Unfortunately it was squashed. Their defence mechanism of rolling up in a ball does not seem to work with cars. And, having learned this valuable lesson, they are not in position to pass it on to their young'ns.

I figured out a better place for my compass. I stuck it on the dash just to the right of the speedo. It's still not that accurate but it gives me an idea of the general direction—which is good enough.

Catoosa, OKWhat's Missing From This Picture?

Beer. Last night and tonight I could have really used a beer with my meal but it's not to be. Family type restaurants seem to be dry. Cream is missing too. If you order a coffee in Oklahoma (at least up to now) you get powdered creamer unless you ask for liquid cream—and don't even think about asking for milk for your coffee.

Rest For The Weary

Tonight I'm staying a nice motel in Chandler, OK. I put in more miles than I wanted today (395 km or 245 miles) but at least I'm near Oklahoma City and I definitely want to pay my respects at the memorial site there.

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