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Route 66 - Texas

The Big TexanThe Seventh Day

I left Shamrock, Texas at around 8:30 after an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds. I headed to McLean to see the Devil's Rope Museum—which of course is closed on Sunday. Devil's Rope is barbed wire and it changed the cowboy's way of life forever.

I tried a couple of old Route 66 alignments today. The first one was near Allenreid and although the guide book recommended against but I had to try it. I didn't get far though and had to turn around because I was afraid the heat from the exhaust pipes would set fire to the grass. Lesson learned—believe the guidebook. Later I followed a section of 66 from Glenrio to San Jon. My guidebook said it was gravel but drivable. However, it was about 10-12 miles long, I was only able to do 40 km hour, there was not much to see and I would not recommend following it.

Cadillac RanchIn Texas it seems that the only Route 66 signs are for short stretches off the freeway, through a town and back to the freeway. This may be because the few existing stretched of 66 are hard to find and not in good shape.

I thought I was adventurous until I got an e-mail from a guy on MINI2 who said his brother-in-law did it on a bicycle but in the reverse direction! I can't imagine doing that.

I saw my first US MINI today. It was near Groom, Texas was a pure silver and black Cooper and was being towed behind a motor home—I was on Route 66 and he/she was travelling in the opposite direction on the freeway.

Tucumcari, NMI stopped for lunch today at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. Their claim to fame is offering a 72 oz. steak and if you can eat in (and the salad and baked potato) within 60 minutes it's free. I didn't try it and neither did anyone else while I was there. I tried to order from the lunch menu but they don't serve lunch on Sundays. So, I ordered a medium-rare 12 oz. Rib-Eye, with fries, carrots and delicious warm buns. I ate it all and it was arguably the best steak I've ever had. The steak cost $15.95. Then the gift shop got me for another $21.

My next stop was the Cadillac Ranch just ouside Amarillo. They planted ten and there's still only ten so it's not a profitable crop. It is pretty cool though.

I reached Ardian Texas today which is the geographic centre of Route 66.

Route 66 - New MexicoRest For The Weary

Tonight I'm staying in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. New Mexico is the start of the real desert-type landscape and I like that. I put in 566 km or 351 miles today and the temperature again reached 37°C or 98.6°F.

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