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Route 66 - New Mexico

Santa FeThe Eighth Day

I left Santa Rosa, New Mexico at about 8:30. Instead of heading straight to Albuquerque—which is just about straight freeway travel—I decided to take the pre 1937 alignment through Santa Fe. I was concerned about spending the extra time but to be so close to Santa Fe without dropping-in was unthinkable. In the end it didn't take that long and I'm glad I went as it is a very picturesque place.

After Santa Fe I headed southwest to Albuquerque. I may be declared a heretic but I think I liked Albuquerque more than Santa Fe. Santa Fe seemed too contrived and without artists and tourists would it exist? Albuquerque on Central Avenue seemed like an active, living city with lots of outdoor life. A place I would like to live. Albuquerque reminded me of Calgary in the layout of the downtown—only with more life.

McDOnaldsI realize my opinions are based on very short visits to both Santa Fe and Albuquerque but they are my first impressions and I would like to visit both cities again to see if I'm right.

I crossed the Rio Grande today. I remember before I immigrated to Canada from England as a kid I would sing I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande to all my friends just to rub it in. They loved me for it.

AlbuquerqueRest For The Weary

Tonight I'm staying in Gallup, New Mexico. I put in 584 km or 362 miles today although with the detour to Santa Fe they weren't is a straight line.

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