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Route 66 - Arizona

Grand CanyonThe Tenth Day

I headed to Grand Canyon today. It was cool. The End.

Words really can't describe the Grand Canyon. It is grand. It is deep. It is moving. My photographic skills don't do it justice. The canyon is so deep that you get a touch of vertigo looking down. One poor girl got the dry-heaves. The colours and shapes play tricks with your perspective. It cost $20 for one person in a car and is definitely worth it.

TowerWhen leaving Flagstaff I saw my first MINI on the road. A black on black—and you know who you are.

The first glimpse of canyon-type scenery is at the Little Colorado scenic overlook. It's nice, but they make you walk a gauntlet of Indian craft tables to get to the lookout.

There was a bit of construction as the parks board tries to manage traffic flow but it didn't slow me down very much. Also, following Highway 64 takes you right though the park and by most of the scenic lookouts which means you don't have to double back at all.

Driving back to Route 66 via Williams I saw a sign that announced only 458 miles to Los Angeles! Not very far, but my planned stop in Las Vegas will kill some time and fortunately most of 66 in California will be original two-lane road with lots of stuff to see.

One thing I should mention. Before I left I had a note pad and pen to record notes as I travelled. Just before I left however, I remembered a small dictaphone that I never use. So I slapped in some batteries and the rest, as they say, is history. It has proved invaluable for recording things as they occur or the location of photos. Then at night I use the tape to help write these pages (believe me you forget where things happened after travelling so many days) and I'll save it for compiling the photos when I get home.


I put in 352 km or 218 miles today but since most of that was for the trip to the Grand Canyon I only did 133 km or 83 miles of Route 66. While at the Grand Canyon I sometimes thought that the MINI was getting as many thumbs up as the the marvel we all came to see! Tomorrow I will probably make it to Las Vegas. I set a new record for fuel consumption today achieving 39.0 mpg or 32.5 US mpg or 7,24 litres/100 km.

Rest For The Weary

Sno Cap WashroomsSeeing that I don't have that far to go I decided to stop in Seligman for the night. Seligman is famous for the Sno Cap Cafe that offers such delights at Dead Chicken and Cheeseburgers with Cheese. The place is decorated with business cards, license plates, photo cutouts and memorabilia—and the service is very cheeky. The family also have a memorabilia shop. After an afternoon snack at the Sno Cap I went to Lilo's Westside Cafe for dinner and was served an excellent meal with my favourite beer—a Warsteiner.


I have taken the side trip to Las Vegas that I was planning so I won't be posting again until I'm on Route 66 again. I won't be describing this side trip as it is not part of Route 66 but I did meet some very nice MINI owners in Bolder City—a man and his son who own a Cooper and a highly modified S. Nice to meet you guys and thanks again for the cheeseburger.

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The Sno Cap

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