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Route 66 - California

Aztec HotelThe Twelfth Day

I made it!!! Only 3,940 km (2,448 mi) from Chicago to Santa Monica. The car worked like a charm, I enjoyed the whole thing but I'm happy it is over for now—two weeks of a different motel each night is enough.

I had breakfast in Barstow. The trip from Barstow to Victorville is mostly on old Route 66 and was uneventful. There is a wonderful, but short section of the old road between Victorville and San Bernadino. Getting through San Bernadino though was a real pain. Leaving San Bernadino is the twin to Holbrook's Wigwam Motel. This one is tackier though—the windows are barred and their come-on reads "Do It In A Teepee".

Santa MonicaFurther down the road is Monrovia where the Aztec Hotel, another famous Route 66 landmark, is located. From there it went to hell. It was hard to follow the 66 signs on the road or on the map but by a stroke of luck I stumbled upon Santa Monica Boulevard and followed it all the way to the pier.

Just after finishing the trip I ran into another Cooper S at two successive stop lights. He had the same colour and configuration as mine and it was the first one he's seen that looked like his. He couldn't believe I'd just done 66 and I think he was a little envious.

Rest For The Weary

MeTonight I'm staying in Long Beach and will be heading down to San Diego tomorrow to attend to my business meetings. Within the next few days I'll add a postscript and evaluate the various books and guides I used on the trip. Please see the Preparation page for these notes

Thank You

Thanks for following the trip and reading my postings and for all the e-mails I received en route.


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I would like to thank the the San Diego members of the SoCal MINI Maniacs for organizing a run to show me around the coastal roads of southern California. We had a great run on Saturday, August 30. The roads were fun, the food at the Firehouse Broiler in Fallbrook was delicious and all the members were friendly and outstanding MINI people. I would especially like to thank Rob for organizing the run and all the people who came out to meet me. Thanks a lot guys, it was great to meet you.


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