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Route 66

An Idea Is Born

I was in San Diego, California on business in April 2003. During a free weekend myself and several of my colleagues took a day trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert. The last time I had been in the desert was in 1972 when an army buddy and I took two weeks to drive from Ottawa, Canada to San Mateo, California (and return) on the pretense that he knew a girl there. It was a great drive in a great car ('67 289 auto Fastback Mustang) and we wore out the eight-track of The Guess Who's American Woman.

Anyway, during our foray into the desert I was struck by a fantastic idea. Why not use my summer holidays and my great little 2002 MINI Cooper S and do a repeat of my first trip? Once back in San Diego I headed to a book store to research possible routes and came across many Route 66 guides and maps in the travel section. My mind was made up, Route 66 is was! Not only a wonderful trip, but a chance to have fellow members of the Ottawa Mini Club turn green with envy!

My Route 66 photos can be found at:

The Books and Maps

As I mentioned Mapbefore, I got some maps and books while in San Diego—at the beautifully designed Horton Plaza. I purchased several more from Amazon and got a route map from the MINI Roadside Assistance service that came free with the purchase of my car. Among the books I purchased were:

Route 66 Traveler's Guide Roadside America America Bizarro Traveling Route 66

Happiness Is A Warm Laptop

What's a trip today if you don't cart along your laptop and a digital camera? Add to that a cheap Internet connection and you have the means to post your progress as you go. I was planing to do this before I Googled the web and found out that everyone has done it or is doing it. The best one I've found so far is John & Debbie's Route 66 Diary, a Welsh couple whose writing style kept me smiling the whole way. I thought I would drop the idea after reading their page but encouragement from John helped me decide to continue. Note: I checked again in Nov '09 and it's no longer posted.

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